Google… still seeking that magic bullet…

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I saw in a recent article ( that Google is now giving less weight to SAT scores and GPAs in their selection decision-making.

It seems to me this is long overdue; Bob Sternberg (psychologist, formerly at Yale; now at Oaklahoma, I believe) has long been a critic of SAT scores and their use in college admission decisions.

What’s even more interesting is that Google seems hell-bent on finding that magic bullet formula for identifying superstar employees. Remember that famous Google interview question: How many cows are in Canada?

While the idea is appealing, I tend to think the world isn’t that simple; different jobs require very different skill sets, personalities, values, interests, and intelligences (especially if you subscribe to Sternberg or Gardner’s notions of multiple intelligences). So, I guess my question is: Doesn’t it make more sense to start with the job by asking “what qualities are most predictive of success in this or that particular job?”

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