About Us


Waypoint People Solutions™ is a boutique psychometrics consultancy specializing in the design and validation of innovative talent measurement and prediction tools. We combine a deep understanding of mental processes and behavior with innovative, high-precision measurement techniques to enable our client organizations to predict human behavior across a wide variety of settings.

We convert soft data into hard evidence. By utilizing cutting-edge psychometric procedures and evidence-based best practices, we help our clients (a) identify key founder and employee traits predictive of performance in both startup and corporate settings, (b) avoid costly hiring mistakes through the use of fake-resistant assessments, (c) identify key levers to drive workforce engagement, and (d) gain a precise understanding of their workforce effectiveness through advanced statistical modeling – i.e., what is driving what.

Founded by an Industrial-Organizational psychologist with an intense devotion to the science of people measurement (or psychometrics), Waypoint People Solutions™ is a leader in talent measurement and prediction. Flashy tools and superficial gimmicks aside, we encourage our clients to “demand” evidence. Advances in both psychometrics and statistical modeling techniques (including AI, machine learning) have reached the point where competent practitioners should be able to accurately estimate the ROI for nearly all interventions – both soft and hard. Demand evidence before you engage. Let us show you how this can be done.

Accurately measuring human abilities, personalities, attitudes, values, and motivations is far more complex than many realize. Moreover, human behavior is the result of, not a single trait, but a dynamic interaction among multitudes of traits. Key is to identify and capture the right combination of traits that link to one or more desired outcomes. Let us demonstrate through evidence the value of our unique philosophy and approach to talent measurement (e.g., intelligence, personality, values, interests).

When it comes to employee engagement, one survey does not fit all. Rather, a survey that conforms to the unique cultural attributes of your firm is the only approach to accurately diagnosing your organization. Note that from initial survey design, set-up, data collection, analysis, to interpretation, there are more than fifty decision steps involved in a standard employee engagement survey effort. A lack of understanding of how each step can potentially introduce error can often end with wasted efforts at best; disastrous results at worst. A misdiagnosis at the beginning of a project ensures that all interventions that follow will end in failure. Our company is unique in our emphasis on accuracy in the initial diagnosis — upon which all interventions that follow rely. Let us show you what difference Waypoint’s evidence-based measurement approaches can have on your bottom-line.

Professional affiliations

SIOP Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists
TIP The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
AMA American Management Association
BAODN Bay Area Organization Development Network
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management
ASTD American Society for Training and Development
AoM Academy of Management (AoM)


Just as a misdiagnosis of ulcer as cancer would lead to serious errors in treatment, an organizational initiative based on a diagnostic error is certain to lead to misguided efforts…  Don’t settle for anything less than the highest level of precision by demanding proof!

Waypoint People Solutions™ promise to you is simple – We aim to enhance your bottom-line by providing you with the most accurate diagnostic measurement tools and consulting. There is science devoted solely to designing fundamental questions to get good data. In this sense, how you collect good accurate data is 75% of the work. Garbage will be garbage no matter how much manipulation there is to the data.

Here’s our philosophy:

  • Value: All expenses must be justified. Technology is available to provide clients with proof that an intervention was effective in improving the bottom-line. Ask your consultants to prove it!
  • Approach: Everyone has an opinion about how things should be done; we must rely on evidence-based measurement techniques that have been proven time after time to be superior
  • Linkage to Bottom-line: Once we recommend an intervention, we don’t simply walk away; we utilize advanced modeling techniques to tie interventions to your bottom-line
  • Unsurpassed Precision: Everything else is meaningless if you start with garbage data. One must start by designing a data collection process that will yield the most accurate data possible
  • Efficiency: Too many hands in the pot increases possibility of errors; we minimize the number of people and steps required in the measurement process to bring you maximum efficiency


“Just as you would not consult a sales person to optimize your high performance vehicle, when it comes to optimizing organizations you need to seek high performance mechanics of organizational assessment…Demand from your advisors the training and experience necessary to show real impact…”

Stephen Jeong
Stephen B. Jeong, Ph.D. Managing Director Stephen holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational psychology from the Ohio State University and has been advising private, public, and government organizations since 2000. His expertise lies in human motivation, organizational justice/fairness perceptions, survey design and analysis, personnel selection, and training.

In addition to launching Waypoint, Stephen worked as a consultant for Towers Perrin, a global human capital consultancy and as a Senior Program Manager for Ohio State University’s Center for Education and Training for Employment (CETE). Stephen has advised dozens of Fortune 500 organizations – e.g., Research In Motion, Monster.com, McKesson, REI, Toyota, Google, Applied Materials, and AECOM – on ways to accurately diagnose organizational issues as well as devising creative solutions to improve workforce effectiveness. In years prior, he was the primary consultant to Ohio and West Virginia’s Departments of Education for the design, implementation and validation of their online Career Technical Competency Assessments (CTCA) – State-sponsored certification systems administered to more than 40 different vocational education areas.