Wise companies should create a more women-friendly workplace?

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A recent report release by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that globally, 15-year old girls tend to be significantly more ambitious with respect to positions they want to occupy when they reach working age. This assertion is supported by the chart shown below where there was approximately 11% difference between boys and girls with girls showing a stronger desire to take on positions categorized by the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-88) as belonging to Groups 1 (Legislators, senior officials and managers) and 2 (Professionals) – see specific jobs under each category below the Figure.

Specific jobs classified into each Group as shown below (Source: http://laborsta.ilo.org/applv8/data/isco88e.html)

Group 1: Legislators, senior officials and managers
11. Legislators and senior officials
111. Legislators
112. Senior government officials
113. Traditional chiefs and heads of villages
114. Senior officials of special-interest organisations
12. Corporate managers 1
121. Directors and chief executives
122. Production and operations department managers
123. Other department managers
13. General managers 2
131. General managers

Group 2: Professionals
21. Physical, mathematical and engineering science professionals
211. Physicists, chemists and related professionals
212. Mathematicians, statisticians and related professionals
213. Computing professionals
214. Architects, engineers and related professionals
22. Life science and health professional
221. Life science professionals
222. Health professionals (except nursing)
223. Nursing and midwifery professionals
23. Teaching professionals
231. College, university and higher education teaching professionals
232. Secondary education teaching professionals
233. Primary and pre-primary education teaching professionals
234. Special education teaching professionals
235. Other teaching professionals
24. Other professionals
241. Business professionals
242. Legal professionals
243. Archivists, librarians and related information professionals
244. Social science and related professionals
245. Writers and creative or performing artists
246. Religious professionals

What does this mean to companies over the next 2 decades? Well… it’s hard to say but when you combine this with increasing number of studies (see reports by Catalyst, McKinsey, and Forbes – you can find these free reports by going to the respective sites) showing moderate but statistically significant correlations between women in leadership and corporate financial performance, one obvious conclusion may be that companies need to be much more flexible when accommodating women in the workplace?

For the full OECD report, please email Stephen.jeong@waypointps.com. My apologies but I wasn’t able to upload or create a link to the report due the link having expired.

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